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Iceland's Underground Sex Scene - The Reykjavik Grapevine

Filipino 0. French 0. German 1. Greek 1. Hungarian 7. Indonesian 0. Irish 0. Italian 6. If you get upset by the apps, have a break — but also know that there are other ways to meet men. And by photo I mean a portrait. You will probably bathe in the Blue Lagoon and take a road trip to Gullfoss and Geysir. And they are all perfectly square. In our restaurants we welcome tourists with our newspaper like menu and smiley service.

They are packed with fun items and memorable connections to Icelandic pop culture. We produce handcrafted chocolate from organic cacao beans sourced ethically and sustainably. Our creative flavors are carefully crafted by meticulous chocolate makers. The cacao beans are roasted, winnowed, ground, and refined into melty-smooth chocolate. So, we always start with our taste buds and follow our instincts. Our team searches for the finest ingredients in the world and new ways to improve chocolate. This obsession with knowing where our ingredients come from has led us around the corner to dairy farms in the Icelandic countryside and all the way to rainforest cacao farms of Nicaragua.

You can choose the apartment starting from a Small Studio for 2 persons to a large One-bedroom Apartment with balcony for 5 persons. Their staff will ensure your comfort during the stay and provide the most updated information about the city, gay and night life in Reykjavik. Each apartment has a private bathroom with a shower, fully equipped kitchen and free Wi-Fi.

Guests can buy groceries at the local grocery store 50 meters from the apartments. The Church of Hallgrimur is located m from the apartments, a tourist agency is just 50 m away and the nearest gay bar is less than 5 minutes walking distance. Laekur hostel In the hostel we have dorms for persons with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The rooms are furnished with free internet, lockers, and a USB charger by each bed. The beds have linen provided and you can rent a towel in the cafe on the ground floor for 5 EUR. Named by National Geographic as one of the 25 Wonders of the World, the Blue Lagoon is a shimmering expanse of warmth, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Its unique geothermal seawater comes from meters within the earth where sea and fresh water converge in a tectonic frontier of porous lava and searing heat.

From its humble beginnings in the shadows of a geothermal power plant, Blue Lagoon has evolved into a world of wonder, now encompassing a hotel, a restaurant, a luxury lounge, a renowned line of skin care, a research center, in-water massage, and a wealth of spa and refreshment facilities. Whales of Iceland is the largest whale exhibition in Europe and perhaps even the world , where guests can learn about the giants of the sea in a calm and modern environment. The permanent exhibition features whales like guests have never seen them before.

It is truly a giant experience. Landsbankinn is a leading Icelandic financial institution. It offers a full range of financial services and is the market leader in the Icelandic financial service sector with the largest branch network. The present bank was established on 7 October but the history of its predecessor dates back to The bank is owned by the National Treasury of Iceland, which holds It emphasizes providing exemplary service to customers, developing e-banking for their convenience, increasing the efficiency of support functions, modernizing its technology and ensuring effective utilization of its balance sheet.

Special emphasis is placed on promoting a performance-oriented culture in the bank. To follow up on the implementation of this strategy, the bank has defined key goals which are measured regularly to determine progress. These goals include, for example, customer satisfaction and loyalty, profitability, cost efficiency and the correlation between risk appetite and employee satisfaction. Landsbankinn wishes to lead the development of a sustainable society in Iceland by integrating economic, social and environmental concerns in its operations.

The Bank aims to ensure that both its owners and society at large benefit from its activities. It intends to achieve this aim by building solid infrastructure and a strong team of 1. Landsbankinn has been a proud sponsor of the Reykjavik Pride since it was first celebrated in Iceland. Founded in Reykjavik in , it is the only Icelandic company of its kind and quickly became the go-to tool for finding cheap flights among the locals.

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From starting out as a proper startup with only a good idea and the need to change things, to becoming an established company with 6 employees. Starting from scratch and expanding organically has allowed us to love our expansion and take our customers on the ride with us. Times have changed, however, and following an increasingly open debate about homosexuality and homosexuals in the Icelandic media, attitudes have become more positive and have moved in the direction of greater tolerance. A new motion was put to parliament in and unanimously passed. A committee was set up to investigate the position of lesbians and gays in Iceland and to return an opinion that would become the basis for new legislation.

As the Icelandair thunders into the night sky that Friday, I have no second thoughts. It will be an adventure. Iceland, an island nation roughly the size of Kentucky, sits at the top of the North Atlantic, its north coast brushing against the Arctic Circle. Because of frequent volcanic activity, and the fact that there are two glaciers covering much of the interior land, only about 21 percent of the island is considered habitable, almost all of it near the coast.

The climate, however, is surprisingly moderate, because the gulf stream passes close to the southern shore. Winters in south Iceland can be milder than those in New York. The plane flies northward through the night. Outside my window the Northern Lights constantly flare, shifting form and color. I land at Keflavik International airport just after 6 on Saturday morning. The sky is as dark as midnight. I am in search of information, but I quickly discover that in the course of everyday life, this is the place to meet people and socialize as well.

It is, in fact, the center of gay life as well as the official voice of the gay and Lesbian community in Iceland. Financial support comes primarily from the national and city governments. He seems happy to drop his tools and talk with me. We sit in the library, a bright, cheerful room that contains over 2, books and videos relating to gay and lesbian life. At 34, he is old enough to remember the darker days of oppression in Iceland.

For the past 12 years Iceland has had a growing reputation for tolerance and inclusion of Lesbians and gay men, but that has not come without a struggle. Since , there has been remarkable change. He came out at the age of 16, and promptly moved from the nearby town of Selfoss to Reykjavik. All sex subjects were discussed in its pages, including homosexual sex. By the time I came out in , Iceland had revolutionized.

And so it appears, although the shaping of gay life in Iceland has been markedly different from that which has happened in the large cities of Europe and the U. Gays here are very socially integrated. There are no gay baths. Within a week everyone would know my penis size, how good I am in bed, and what my kinks are. There are two dance bars that gays frequent in Iceland.

Neither is percent gay. Samtokin estimates the lesbian and gay population at the usual 10 percent, or 28, The gay community, has by necessity a more intimate feeling. It is, in fact, a reflection of the national ethos as well. Foreign visitors, in fact are in high demand. They bring variety, different points of view, different styles to the party. Siggi is currently in a long-term relationship. He and his lover Matthew a linguistics lecturer from the United Kingdom plan to marry when Matt returns from a sabbatical in California. Matthew would like to be married in a church.

But Siggi is not so sure. Regardless of where the ceremony takes place, family, friends, neighbors and the civil authorities will regard it as a legal marriage, extending to the couple all the legal rights except adoption , expectations, and support accorded heterosexual couples. Outside, it is mid afternoon, Just across the harbor, the sun shines on mountains. But over the city a snow squall is underway. Its like that in Iceland.

The weather can change within minutes. I begin to explore the city. It is small enough to get around on foot. Designed in , the church, with its modern lines and towering steeple, remains a controversial site. Arguments aside, it affords one of the best views of the city. An elevator whisks the visitor to the top where the bright colored roofs of Reykjavik lie below, huddled on the harbor peninsula. From this vantage point, the city looks more like an overgrown fishing village than a national capital.

In fact, that is often my impression on the ground as well. Small two and three-story homes line the narrow streets of downtown. Sheathed in corrugated iron, many are painted excruciatingly bright colors. An electric blue domicile shoulders itself assertively between one of crimson red and another of Halloween orange. I turn back onto Laugavegur, the shopping street.

Reykjavik Escorts

There are no department stores in Reykjavik. Shopping is done in small specialty shops and boutiques. Casual clothes are sold in one shop, dress clothes in another. Icelanders are very style conscious, and the establishments on Laugavegur carry the latest of European fashion. The street offers an eclectic mix of stores, and a thorough examination of the shops and their customers can take the better part of an afternoon.

Having been forewarned about the strenuous weekend nightlife, I choose a nap over dinner before taking to the dark streets. Being a visitor, I have been excused from the dress code In fact non-leather guests are often welcomed at this, the only exclusively male space in gay Iceland.

What is the Reykjavik Grapevine?

The group publishes a monthly newsletter, and sponsors regular social events and theme nights. Its members also organize an annual summer Leather Summit gathering, and invite leather clubs from throughout Europe The clubhouse is only open on Saturday nights, and closes at 1 a.

I am ready to sleep Jet lag remains, and I must be up at 8: But my protests are overruled. We head for Club Spotlight Hverfisgata , a predominantly gay and Lesbian disco. A brightly lit bar, a room with tables set up for conversation and a separate room with a dance floor define the physical space of this very pleasant club.

We sit at a table. Two men, boyfriends at least for the night , sit down next to me. The one nearest me puts one arm around his friend and they kiss passionately. At the same time, his other hand is working at the front of my pants. As Siggi says later, Icelandic men, when they are drunk, will do just about anything. Our last stop is Club 22 Laugavegur 22 , the most popular place for gays and Lesbians to meet, to drink, and to dance.

This is also a mixed venue, with straights and gays happily coexisting and mingling together. A small bar with table seating is on the ground floor. Upstairs is the more crowded disco bar. Here I meet Ingi Hauksson. He is a friend of my faithful guide Erik. The bar closes. We remain, talking until 4: The city is crowded as I walk to my hotel.

Boisterous young men and amorous couples fill the sidewalks. Cars jam the streets. No one feels any pain. But then, neither do I. Every weekend the ritual repeats. The bars fill up. The people get drunk Cheap vodka is preferred over the more expensive beer which has only been legal in Iceland for 10 years.

The bars close. The party continues all night in the street. In the remaining days I have to explore Reykjavik, I continue to discover a city of contrasts. In some neighborhoods I feel like I could be in a small Maine coastal village. In the city center heavy traffic, taxis, busses, and crowds dash the illusion. There are several other excellent museums in the city which will quickly show the American visitor how little we know of Scandinavian art and cultural development.

But Reykjavik is not just about museums. My walk along the harbor front reveals the extent to which the city and the country relies on the fishing industry. I take two mornings to discover the joys of outdoor winter swimming. Some of these wells produce water that is degrees Fahrenheit. Pool temperatures are maintained at about 85 degrees. It is important to note that Icelanders are extremely conscious of cleanliness at their public pools.