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If you're in the park and a cop wants to give you a ticket and you don't have any ID on you what happens? Can't you just give a fake name and address and throw the ticket in the garbage? The internet has certainly put a dent in public cruising. Why is it more exciting? I think you could compare the difference between cruising and going through internet ads to that between fishing and waiting for a bite, and buying a filet in a grocery store. To people who say "they hate us because we cruise in public," I'd say they hated us anyway, wherever we had sex.

Otherwise you wouldn't have laws that dictated what a couple could do in the privacy of their own home. Yes there are some folks who aren't very discreet and once in a while someone does get caught with their pants down, but on the whole the whole point in choosing cruising areas is that there is ample warning and privacy. That means ease for the participants, and mostly cluelessness for those who aren't looking. Every once in a while there is some expose about shocking sex in a campus bathroom because someone happened to see some action; compare that with the hundreds of cocks sucked in these places every week and the number really is pretty minimal.

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In Holland they actually recognize one park as a heavy cruising park Amsterdam's Vondelpark and there's a peaceful coexistence. R6 if you're still alive, wriggle your pinky. So, like between 66 and 79 streets. It doesn't matter what the correct boundaries of the Ramble are on a map. The poster from July 2, on www. I am not interested in participating, just watching.

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Other than some bitching by some of the guys, will I have any problems? I'm thinking of taking a whistle and pepper spray in case a mugger or rapist tries anything. Also, I assume that watching in a public location is legal and that one can't be arrested for it. Anyway, I love this site. It's hot just to read it. I doubt anyone goes to the Ramble anymore. Sex can be had easily with apps. No need to go to the middle of a park at night.

There is a downside to everything. If you're connecting with someone using an app, you're probably going to invite him to your home.

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It's not great for a stranger to know where you live. Some of them check over your place to see what's worth stealing and come back when you're not home. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do!

You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Is the Ramble in Central Park still active? The CDC is watching and taking notes of the homosexuals' behavior in the wild. You're a whore, darlin'. And god have mercy on anyone dumb enough to say "the Rambles". Our furtur inroads to equality means that these old behaviors will go way. Where exactly is the Ramble in the park? What streets would border it?

R3 "Our furtur inroads to equality means that these old behaviors will go way. Why in the world would we want quick anonymous sex to go away? Is Ramble or Bramble? The Ramble is a shamble and the Bramble in a gamble. Not to mention the fear of being robbed. Central Park is it's own police precinct. OP, it's really not worth it anymore. Trust me R15, why is Ben's name signed?

Was he in the Rambles when he was caught kissing that guy? You really think there's a, "scene", there? What about Strawberry Fields? Are there really strawberries there? Well who did he imitate, R20? R19 and R20, who was it? Full disclosure. Why not just say who the comedian is? Well what the fuck is a park for?! What are you doing in the park?!

Relaxing and getting some fresh air. Put your hands behind your back. You're being charged with loitering in a park! OP is clearly Dick Button, drawn to datalounge by our figure skating thread.

Never miss a Mercury retrograde again.

It seems to me a form of entrapment, and total bullshit. But there you are. I think there was buzz at the time that the comedian was Joe Rogan from Fear Factor. Dark woods are fun! Don't be so prissy. No, it was Jerry Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld in the Rambles?? I missed that episode of "Seinfeld". Just blow him.

Cruising Isn't Dead—If You Know Where to Look - Broadly

What did 3 say? Danger Public Sex Troll Alert. This is why they hate us. Get the fuck out of the park - it's for crying out loud. My family. God, are you crazy?

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  6. Central Park, Gay Burnaby Cruising Areas!

The terrors of leaving his closet were more real to him than the terrors of the night. The Ramble is a beautiful setting for such horrors. Around these sheltering trees, around the asphalt walkways that wind through the Ramble, are man-tall thickets of bushes. There have always been parts of our city that have served as gay cruising areas: But Central Park West, and particularly the Ramble, has retained its popularity for 50 years. The afternoon after I talked to Paul, I met Jerry, an attractive man of medium build in his mid-thirties, sitting on top of a large outcropping of rock in the middle of the Ramble.

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His T-shirt hanging out of his back pocket and his tanned runner's legs dangling his Adidas over the edge of the rock, Jerry tells of the first time he heard about the Ramble. It was the only place I had heard of where I could find someone who was like me.

In Central Park, a Birders’ Secluded Haven Comes With a Dark Side

So, the second night after I got back to New York, in , I went there in the early evening, right after work. My God, I never knew there were so many gay people! For the first time I didn't feel like a freak. I was shy but people were so open I soon got over that. The Tunnel is the most active group-sex scene in that area of the park. Some nights it will be crowded wall to wall with men until four in the morning. It is nearly 6: Their shirts open to the waist, their ties loose around their necks, they grin, shake hands, and stroll lazily off in opposite directions.