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In New York magazine, Mr. Then they did a mea culpa interview where they trashed the community and said gays were cheap.

27 Most Successful LGBT+ Entrepreneurs, Executives and Opinion Leaders

But who are Mr. And are they really guilty of gay treason, or are they victims of a politically-correct Twitter-fueled mob? On a recent Wednesday afternoon, he was bouncing around his sunny high-floor Central Park South apartment, looking less like a man under siege than like someone enjoying his first brush with fame. Photographs of himself with celebrities were everywhere. There he is with Fran Drescher at a same sex wedding. Here is with Ricky Martin, who in filmed a gay-themed campaign video for President Obama in the very apartment where the Cruz dinner was held. Reisner, who is wiry, of medium height, has black hair, and on this afternoon wore a navy Ted Baker suit and an open collar shirt that showed off a Star of David necklace.

He also had on something not seen often these days, even at AIDS galas: Seated next to him in an Art Deco club chair was Mr. Weiderpass, 55, who is taller and broad chested, with dirty blond hair and the kind of dark suit frequently worn by financial types. He is somewhat more circumspect than Mr.

When he did speak up, it was often to express bewilderment at his louder half, though both are capable of saying wacky things. Ask Mr.

Weiderpass about his coming out, and he speaks about how he accidentally wound up in a hustler bar on the Upper East Side, getting the stink eye from a room full of rent boys. Reisner where he spends his summers, and he tells you not just about the Hamptons and Fire Island where he spends time , but the gay pride celebrations he spent with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the former mayoral candidate Christine Quinn. If name-dropping were a sport, he would be an Olympian.

For about two decades, Mr. Weiderpass and Mr. Reisner were lovers, but in recent years, the romance went south. Though they continue to live together in separate bedrooms, there is tension between them. Weiderpass sent Mr. Reisner had recently graduated from Cornell University and was working in derivatives at Salomon Brothers.

Weiderpass had finished a stint in the military and was in marketing and sales at Swatch. Weiderpass said. They began buying apartments at Central Park South in many of which they renovated and flipped and founded Watch World, which started as a single NoHo store selling midprice watches and grew to around stores. Reisner said. Weiderpass was on the board of t he Servicemembers Legal Defense Network , which worked to allow gays to serve openly in the military. But they became more prominent in gay social circles when they opened the Out hotel in Despite their previous charity work, they were seen as outsiders by some.

Bragman, the public relations agent.

Gay Businessmen Pictures and Images

Voss said. Blair declined to comment.

Reisner has been the subject of unwanted attention for other reasons, too. On the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend last year, he was arrested in East Hampton and charged with operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs, driving the wrong way on a traffic island and being under the influence of alcohol, according to a report from the East Hampton Village Police Department. In addition, the report said he was slurring his speech and had failed several roadside sobriety tests. Reisner is due in court Thursday on this case.

Career From Engineers to Entrepreneurs: Why Millennials Must Build a Business?

Gay Billionaires | LGBT Billionaire List

It's a much-needed celebration of the work of LGBT entrepreneurs and gay business leaders, helping to represent the community like never before. The individuals listed are in no particular order, and have not been ranked. Tim Cook has been at the helm of the technology giant, Apple Inc. Prior to becoming CEO, he held the position of Chief Operations Officer at the company, and is credited with giving Apple's inventory and outgoing expenses a much-needed overhaul. Cook publicly came out as gay in , though he had always been open about his sexuality in his personal life. His announcement made him the first openly gay person to be included in the Fortune list.

Joyce has been open about his sexuality throughout his career, and has been in a committed gay relationship for almost 20 years. Last year he became a Companion of the Order of Australia - the highest civil honor that can be bestowed upon someone by the state. Since then, he has founded a global hedge fund and is well-regarded as a philanthropist, funding primarily efforts in artificial intelligence and the extension of life.

Out of the closet

Martine Rothblatt is currently the highest-earning CEO in the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as the founder of her company, United Therapeutics. Her fascinating and storied career has spanned the fields of law, aerospace, and medicine. Martine publicly came out as a trans woman in , and remains a fierce advocate for trans rights.

She's married with four children, and dedicates much of her time to transhumanist efforts. Controversial entrepreneur, Nick Denton, founded Blogwire Inc. In , he renamed the company Gawker Media, which went on to become the parent company of popular online media sites such as Deadspin, Gizmodo, and Jezebel. Nick Denton is open about his sexuality, and in married his partner, Derrence Washington.

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Gawker was dissolved in in the aftermath of a much-publicized lawsuit. Since then, Denton remains hopeful about his future in media.

Alan Joyce: CEO of Qantas Airlines

Swedish entrepreneur, Peter Arvai, is best-known as the CEO and co-founder of Prezi, a software company which specializes in cloud-based presentations. In the company was successfully funded, in part, by TED Conference. Arvai came out in a Forbes article in Before founding her own company, Sudbury was an executive at Barclays. She is a member of the committee for LB Women and is a mentor for Stemettes. Joel Simkhai is the founder and former CEO of Grindr, one of the most successful dating apps and, arguably, the most successful dating app for gay men.

Simkhai launched the app in , and announced his departure from the company in January of this year following the app's acquisition by Chinese company, Kunlun. Jon "Maddog" Hall is a veteran computer programmer, and currently serves as the board chair for the Linux Professional Institute. In a article for Linux Magazine, Hall publicly came out as gay. His decision was made in honor of Alan Turing.

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Since then, he has gone on to become the co-chair of the Economic Security Project. Hughes is openly gay, and in married Sean Eldridge. Megan Smith has had a storied career.